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Why We Don't Offer Promotions + Discounts

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We do not do sales.

As a brand we choose not to give into the hype and rock-bottom markdowns of sales. We like to pride ourselves on getting our pricing right the first time around. We invest a lot in advertising, marketing, photography and building brand awareness within Singapore. In this industry we find discount are everywhere and consumers are being conditioned not purchase unless there is a deal. Not offering Discounts, Sales and Promotions may seem like an odd marketing strategy - but hear us out...

Our Customers

At Maissone we aren't about quick sales in high volumes, we like to ensure our customers love their purchases. Keeping a current and online stock inventory (which is uncommon for Singapore) - is important to us, so that our customers are able to find the products they love, no matter the day of the week it is.

Impulsive Buying + Fast Fashion

We know that shopping for your home requires careful consideration. Our prices at Maissone are reasonable for quality products that your family will enjoy year after year, and we understand that these purchases take care and thought.

We are not about the fast fashion movement. In the last 50 years production and consumption in the home industry has changed dramatically. Fully accessible by all, everyone can afford to buy the latest trends and experience the short-lived high of a new home purchase. They go as quick as they come and are not sustainable. Fast fashion has become less about production and more about sales - how much and how fast can product be shifted.

Our Brands

As a small business, we care about our brands and are not interested in lowering their perceived value, and ultimately devaluing their carefully crafted products. Offering a discount on our brand's product leaves the underlying connotation that we don't believe enough in our brands and that we can't sell their products for the value they are worth. We stand behind our brands and wholeheartedly believe that they are worth the price we sell them for. 

Our independent brands have sustainability built-in as part of their DNA. Competition with mass produced brands alter consumer perceptions of what something 'should' cost, and discounting our brand's would just fuel this perception. 

The Slow Movement 

More people are finding their 'slow' (a cultural movement focused on downshifting). However when it comes to a sale everyone is about the hustle and bustle to get the best deal. We want our customers to enjoy their experience and not feel pressured or rushed to make a purchase. 

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