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Vanderohe No.1 - Miracle in a Bottle

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After seeing the hype surrounding Vanderohe's No. 1 Nourishing Facial Serum on Social Media, we had to find out for ourselves - to see if it is as life-changing as everybody claims... and it is! 

Vanderohe is a luxury skincare experience from beginning to end - from the packaging to the calming scent, to the results. I found the changes in my skin after applying Vanderohe No.1 to be almost immediate. My skin looks brighter, calmer and the appearance of fine lines and pores were minimised. Five months later I have found my skin to be more radiant and balanced. In the way of long term benefits I have found my skin texture has improved along with diminished fine lines and a more radiant complexion with less redness. 

I, myself am a lover of oils which initially led me on the journey to finding Vanderohe No. 1. However to some, using an oil based product in your skincare regime may sound counter intuitive, but with No.1's synergistic blend of Natural, Organic Certified and Food Grade Oils -  this high quality skincare product left my skin feeling nourished and my mind feeling relaxed.


Vanderohe's Nourishing Facial Serum has not made my skin oily nor does it leave a greasy film. After chatting with Olivia I have found this is due to a few reasons. The first one being the quality of the oil - Food Grade oils derived from plants grown in their origin allows the skin to metabolise the oil, and once absorbed leaves skin feeling nourished but not oily or greasy. Olivia also mentioned that the synergistic blend of oils used, assists with combating sebum, as your skin being nourished and in turn will not produce as much oil.

With our skin being the largest Organ in our body we want to treat it well. Vanderohe is both 100% natural with all ingredients either certified "food grade" organic or wild-crafted by the Soil Association. Soil Association Certified is the highest recognition for organic production and adheres to the strict requirements for organic farming and requires regular observation and analysis. Along with these checks Vanderohe No.1 also follows toxicology guidelines, due to the strength of essential oils in their natural state.

Olivia recommends that the serum can be used in combination with moisturiser but works best on its own. With 3-4 Drops applied to clean hands, breath in the lovely aroma for aromatherapy benefits and then gently massage the serum into your face, morning and night.


We were lucky enough to have a chat with Olivia, the founder of Vanderohe and creator of Vanderohe No.1 Nourishing Serum, to get the low down on this amazing product. Featured in Glossy Magazines - the likes of Harper's Bazaar, Grazia and The Times Magazine all give Vanderohe No.1 rave reviews

(Olivia Thorpe - Founder of Vanderohe)

Here's a snippet of our chat with Olivia...

What inspired you to create Vanderohe No.1 Nourishing Facial Serum? 

"I had tried thousands of beauty products whilst editing (Editorial) and I never found anything that satisfied my skin sensitivities and that I felt that I could trust 100%. It always seemed to me that even the “organic, green, clean” brands cut corners or just skimped on transparency and so the trust wasn’t there for the products I was using. When I was pregnant this trust for what I was putting on my skin became vital and I started creating my own products… that was the starting point. The formula for No.1 Nourishing Face Serum was actually born out of an oil blend that I was creating specifically for a friend as an anti-scarring solution. I fell in love with the scent, so I made myself a bottle to use too and that's when I realised what an amazing effect it had on the skin"

How would you describe the Vanderohe Woman? 

"Sensual beings: anyone, man or woman, who takes that greater interest in their own wellbeing and who allows their senses to play a part in their beauty regime"

What are you currently working on at Vanderohe?

"Two products, a cleansing oil and body serum that I'm very close to launching. The body serum has the most exquisite and unique scent. I wear it as a perfume and I'm very excited about it"

What Factors do you consider before creating a new product?

"The consistency that I want from the base oils (i.e. for a cleanser they need to be light enough to wash off with water, but nourishing enough to leave the skin soft as well as clean), the scent that I want from the product (should it be clean and refreshing, heady and sensual or delicate and uplifting for example) and the effect that I need the product to have on both the skin and the mind"

What in your opinion is the bigger mistake people make when it comes to skincare?

"They don't read the label"

What’s your best skincare tip?

"Cut out unnecessary products (pore minimisers etc) and demand more transparency and education from your skincare - if your product states that it's organic, make sure all the ingredients are organic and certified organic by a trusted body. If there's a load of different ingredients in the product, make sure you know what each and every one of them does for your skin. Is there anything in there that could be harmful to your body?"

What has been your biggest achievement during your Vanderohe journey?

"Winning The Beauty Shortlist 2017 International Award for Best New Product 2016/17 and winning the Attracta Beauty Award 2017 for Best Facial Serum"

What is currently your favourite cleanser?

"Vanderohe's deeply purifying cleansing oil - soon to launch!"

When did you first become interested in skincare?

"When I was in my teens and really struggled with combination and acne-prone skin"

How did you go about selecting ingredients for Vanderohe No.1 Nourishing Facial Serum?

"I selected them originally with anti-scarring and anti-ageing in mind. But they have all got their own unique and very powerful skin-soothing properties which is why the serum has helped a huge array of skin issues, with customers reporting back that it has cured their cystic acne, eczema, dry skin and even significantly calmed rosacea"

What is your favourite thing to do in your downtime?

"Have a long bath with a book or a magazine...or just a long hug with my kids"

Vanderohe No.1 Nourishing Facial Serum is available here,

With Vanderohe's Deeply Purifying Cleansing Oil and Body Serum Arriving Soon

Thank You Olivia for taking the time to chat with us - we can't wait to see what's next to come from Vanderohe!


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