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Top Tips for Styling your bedroom

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Top Tips for your most comfortable, luxurious, and personal bedroom ever. “You can’t control the world, but you can control your bedroom”


Our advice on creating a peaceful haven you retreat to for rest and romance, and emerge feeling refreshed and renewed.  The bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom and the most important element for a good night's sleep. Select bed linen that you love so that when it comes to bedtime you can't wait to hop in and fill it with the things you love. 

For the love of Bed linen: Choose the right bedding, high-quality sheets are a necessary investment to compliment an upgraded bed. We recommend using a top sheet with a duvet making it easy to clean and maintain. Cotton breathes and that’s important when you’re talking about bedding “A cool environment is ideal for sleeping, to help achieve that you need 100 percent natural fibers, and for crisp cool sheets cotton is king. Duvets, pillows and underlays we recommend our Mulberry silk filled collection. Silk allows the skin to breathe and is a natural moisture and heat regulator, Silk naturally repels dust mites, mould and mildew. 
Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and can help ease conditions like eczema, sensitive skin, and allergies. Chose colours to create a harmonious environment opt for soft, natural colours that will create a calm atmosphere for a perfect sleep.
Duvets, pillows and underlays we recommend our 100 % Mulberry silk filled collection
Layering is the key to a perfectly styled bed: Always start with an underlay, to protect your mattress. A top sheet, necessary to maintain your duvet and giving a crisp finish. For something different, try a top sheet with some contrasting details; it will create a sleek, striking look when folded back over your duvet.

How many pillows and cushions? Enough to make your bed look dressed, but not so many that you have to create a pillow mountain on the floor before you get into bed. Simple and symmetrical is my recommendation. Every pillow should earn its place, so try a pair of Euro pillows against the headboard, two regular pillows stacked in front of them and a 40-50cm square cushion in the centre to finish off.

Add simple and symmetrical cushions
Add Texture: is an essential design element in the bedroom, bringing both tactile and visual interest to your bedroom.
Small details like adding a throw adds a touch of detail and richness to your bedroom. The soft, neutral colours of our Australian designed cotton throws are perfect. 100-percent cotton makes the throw conveniently washable. 
Beautiful throws add texture to your bedroom
Beside the bed: Who says you need the same piece on either side of the bed? It doesn’t have to be a table or a cabinet, if you're dealing with a common small-apartment hang shelves on the wall instead. The open space underneath visually enlarges the your space. You could also place magazines, or a planter underneath.
“beautiful things don't need to be complicated”Good lighting in the bedroom can change the way you feel about your sleeping space. A Lamp that pivots should be considered. For a perfect glow choose shaded lamps with a warm colour range light bulb for an intimate feel. 
For a classic table lamp, I love the Norman Table Lamp
On the floor: Bare floors may look beautiful but wouldn't you prefer something warm and welcoming underfoot when you leap out of bed in the morning? Recycled cotton rugs are in favour at the moment. Depending on the floor detail, a rug can be a great place to put in personality with a rich color or fun pattern. Bright, geometric designs of should sit comfortably with the furniture, drapes, and color scheme inside the bedroom.
A collection of things you love: Make it yours. Have a theme.
Add a scented candle, there’s nothing like filling your room with your favorite scent. Display your jewelry, scarves or books on a ladder. Add plants, flowers, your favorite memories and pictures of you with the people you love in your room. For a relaxing environment, choose artwork that isn’t too busy or vibrant and is easy on the eye.Add Comfort To Your bedroom with a Pouffe. Our Moroccan pouf is a classic, and like most classics, it looks great with any style of decor. It is leather (meaning it is very durable)
and comes in just about any color you can dream off.    


Morrocan Poufe 


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