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With the arrival of Love Warriors of Sweden Photographic Art and Silke Bonde Prints in our Studio, our Gallery Wall obsession is at another level. Elevate the style of your home with a Gallery Wall, using our top tips...

Colour Palette

Settling on a colour scheme for your gallery wall can be a tough decision to make. Take into consideration the art you have, the art you need and the colour of your walls - along with the frames you want to use can narrow down your decision.

Images Via Nordic Design + Love Warriors

Monochrome art is striking against a black or white wall, while a feature wall and well selected colour palette works equally as well (we love the above via Nordic Design). Don't be afraid to mix your prints as long as they all have something in common (theme, colour, artist or style). Using the same coloured frame will tie your wall together, if you find your wall is looking a little mismatched.


Mix Art with Accessories

Image via Rustic White for Waiting on Martha
A Gallery Wall doesn't exclusively need to be framed art. Feature your favourite accessories (Necklaces, Hats etc) and global art pieces like a Juju Hat or Binga Basket, to display your eclectic collection of accessories and Art.

Frame Your Art

The finishing touches will bring your gallery wall together. Art can either be framed in a traditional picture frame, mounted, or left hanging with two clips - either way make sure each piece of your art is finished to bring your look together. If you are incorporating accessories such as a necklace or hat into your gallery, use a decorative hook to complete your wall.


Keep it at Eye Level

Image via Love Warriors

Hanging your gallery wall at eye level allows your art to tie in with the other components of your space like rugs, furniture and lighting. Maintaining the same hanging height throughout your home will bring your other spaces and art together.


Trace it First

It's always best to have a good idea of how your art is going to fit together on the wall. To get a good idea map out your frames on the wall using either painter's tape, or trace the frames using craft paper and adhere them to the wall and then mark where the hooks for hanging will go using a spirit level.


Picture Ledges

Not Ready to take the plunge? Or do you find that you like to keep your art on constant rotation? A picture ledge maybe a great alternative for you. Hanging 3 - 5 Picture ledges on a large wall will give a similar aesthetic that a gallery wall gives, without the commitment. It also gives you the option to display books and small objects in amongst your art.


Our Top Picks

From Left to Right: Stripe Art Print, Melt Art Print, Blue World, Sky Circles, Mood Board No.1  and I am No. 4


Happy Hanging x

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