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 Yaara Tabletop Passion


“Perfectly Imperfect!” 

Yaara Nir Kachlon is passionate about creating the kind of contemporary ceramics she loves best; beautiful, functional objects in a creamy white tone that are utterly weightless and completely durable.

‘Perfectly Imperfect’, Yaara's work reflects the natural imperfections and differences borne out of working with clay and kiln to form the collection of ceramics.

In Her Own Words  


Where are you from?

I’m from Israel and live in the countryside on a farm in the southern part of Israel which is quiet and peaceful and filled with fresh air.

What was your inspiration to create with your hands?

My first inspiration was my mother. She worked with clay ever since I can remember. I grew up in a house filled with beautiful artwork and objects and at some point  - later in my life - I decided to trying to work with clay myself. I took a totally different style turn but it definitely started with my mother.

What makes your ceramics so special? 

When I started about 20 years ago, ceramic design wasn’t very minimalistic in Israel and I was playing with designs that were both functional and simple. I saw in my mind basic shapes that can be inviting and easy to hold and can be used over and over again. 

How does it feel to create such beautiful things? Satisfying, rewarding and whole

When you’re not creating what do you love to do?

So many things. The things that make me happy are reading, cooking, having coffee on my porch. Meeting friends for coffee or to see an art exhibition with friends in the city

Where is your favourite place on earth?

I love my country. As much as I love to travel I’m always so happy to come back home. The people are so warm and generous and the country is just so beautiful.


Yaara tabletop passion - a collection of spacious bowls and platters, plates and cups in trademark eggshell white, glazed to a soft sheen, light to hold and aesthetically pleasing against any dish or table. Exclusively available at Maissone Home.

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Photos by Shelly Padan-Lorber and Tomer Burmad

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