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by Olivia Thorpe

Meet the brand taking plant-based skincare to new heights! - Harper's Bazaar, March 2020

The story of Vanderohe is a tale of trust and transparency, born out of founder Olivia Thorpe’s dedication to integrity. 



At the heart of all that Olivia does is a dedication to quality and integrity. Vanderohe uses only organic or wild-harvested plant oils grown in native soils, 100% cotton and forest-friendly packaging, and donates a proportion of profits to Marine Savers, a leading marine conservation team. Olivia now resides in London with her husband and their three young children and is committed to keeping sustainability and trust at the core of her brand.


When did you fall in love with the world of beauty and fragrance? 
I've really loved makeup, fragrance - the whole concept of "beauty" - since I was very young. I can remember scents extremely well. I can smell the perfumes my mother, my father, my grandmothers wore just thinking about them. I can usually tell which perfume someone is wearing in a room too. I have an extremely heightened sense of smell. But my whole concept of "luxury" cosmetic products and fragrance changed dramatically when I became pregnant with my first son and when I started to really understand what was in these products. It instigated a complete shift towards natural and organic products for me, and so when I started blending oils, I had this urge to create a new category of "luxury" scent: one that was made from the purest ingredients. 
What would you be doing if you weren’t creating one of the loveliest serums there is? 
I would be a full-time mum to my kids and I'd be taking a lot better care of myself too. At the moment I run the business alongside trying to be a full-time mum and it's really hard, as lots of mums who work from home know. There's no time to spend on yourself - reading, pampering, nipping out for some shopping; it's either work or kids because they're both in the same "space". I've worked solidly for the last 3 years on Vanderohe, even getting back to customers from hospital the day after I had my daughter, without a single day off... Sometimes I long for a long break to just slow down, read, cuddle the kids - without feeling like it's taking away from precious work time.
What are some of the things that move and inspire you? 
So much! I'm what they call a "Superfeeler" so I not only have this heightened sense of smell, but a heightened sense of emotions towards everything around me. Literature, art, music, ballet, film...I will literally lose myself in a moment, but it can be the smallest thing that creates a wave of inspiration in me too. 
What is your favourite place or thing on earth? 
The Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru in the Maldives. Quite simply heaven on earth. I've never felt a calm quite like I do when I'm there. 
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