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Annie Leibovitz - WOMEN: New Portraits

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‘Annie Leibovitz captures women in all our human variety and idiosyncrasy, simplicity and artifice, bravery and fear, creativity of mind as well as womb: in other words in all our humanity.’

- Gloria Steinem

The latest instalment of Annie Leibovitz's - Women: New Portraits, was a cause for excitement at the Maissone Studio. Not only were we going to experience an inspirational collection of Annie's photographs, our Tripod Floor Lamp was featured in the exhibit, along with our Landscap Throw
The lamp complimented the edgy vibe of the exhibit held at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. The concept of a contemporary exhibit, while portraying humanity - filled influential woman, was a perfect juxtapostition to place emphasis on Annie's key themes.  
We were also invited to an open dialogue session with Annie herself, where she shared her inspirational fifteen year journey, that led to the curation of her collection of portraits. Annie included portraits of the influential women in her life which reflected the personal journey she underwent to curate the collection (first featured in 1999) which she has built upon to re-feature this year.
The layout of the collection was informal allowing visitors to take their time and experience her photography on a personal level evoking an emotional response while the featured images, made a political point. 
The Tour is scheduled to be shown in 10 cities over 12 months, where our product will be apart of the set styling. 
Next Stop Hong Kong... 
We want to thank the team from Mary Howard Studios and Annie Leibovitz, it was such a pleasure working with them!

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