10 Summer Interior Trends of 2018

July 09, 2018

10 Summer Interior Trends of 2018

It's time to spice things up. This summer sports palette of lustrous gold, sweet pastel shades and lush greens - all that will brighten your abode. We have gathered the trends we simply adore below.

  1. More is more


Abundance seems to be the theme this season - it's time to step up on your decorating game. Adorn your space with accessories and spice things up. Line your walls with prints and mirrors, tables with ornaments, and sofas brimming with cushions.

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2. Pastels

What's not to love about ice cream shades? Try adding a few pastel coloured homewares in your apartment and notice it freshen up. If you'd like to be daring, try styling your sofa with shades of pastel for an ombre effect.

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3. Marble

A classic favourite that has seen a rise this season - that's because it compliments any accessories. A marble finish is stylish and befitting for summer as it adds a cool effect to your home.

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4. Coastal Elements

This is a fun and easy trend to try as you bring in elements of the beach. Turqoise shades, seashells accessories transform your space as it evokes a nautical feel.

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5. Textures

It's time to play with textures and embellishments - this is a lovely trend that combines materials for a raw feel. Start mixing textures into your interiors to recreate a tactile bliss.

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6. Foliage

Reflect the summer mood by adding greens for a tropical touch. Breathe life by adding fresh greenery - they also helps reduce stuffiness in your apartment. Pair them with stylish planters and they become statement pieces. If you're not blessed with green fingers, try integrating art prints or artificial plants. 

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7. Global Goodness

This trend takes inspiration from cultures around the world. As people travel, they are influenced by the elements of their destinations - raw patterns, earthy shades, intricate and natural textiles. Rich cultures coming together in a fusion style creates a homely environment.

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8. Geometrics

This is a trend that's simple yet incorporated into your home creates a contemporary and fun atmosphere. Geometric designs compliment soft furnishings for a modern flair to your space.

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9. Gold accents

Having gold detailing add warmth and comfort to your home and we like that the hint of gold instantly transforms your interiors for a sophisticated look. 

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10. Floral Prints

Bring in the blooms as you decorate your interiors. Style your home with botanical furnishings for a rejuvenating look. This trend adds soft watercolour hues or a dash of pigmented colour to brighten up your space.

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